Recreational Trampoline Classes:

Titans offers classes dedicated to trampoline. During these 1 hour classes, athletes use our large competition size in-ground trampolines, as well as the double-mini. Achievement in our trampoline program is charted using our specially designed ribbon program.

Class Levels:

As trampoline does not require additional equipment set-up, all levels of our recreational program are mixed within our class times. Our ribbon achievement program is divided up as follows:






How to Register:

We require a completed registration form and payment in full to reserve a spot in one of our classes. At this time Titans accepts only cash or cheque, so all registration must be done in person.  


Titans coaches follow the Gymnastics Canada approved National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The NCCP is widely considered to be one of the best coaching programs in the world.  

Titans Dress Code:

For the safety of athletes and coaches, please ensure that all athletes are wearing appropriate athletic clothing. Shorts and t-shirt, or a bodysuit are recommended.  

No denim, belts, buckles, hoodies, and skirts as these are a safety hazard.

Sock feet or gymnastics slippers please!

Hair should be tied up without the use of bobby pins please

No jewellery or watches except stud earrings.