Latest News

  • There will not be a competitive Cheerleading program for 2016/2017.  Thank-you to everyone who participated in the program.
  • The schedule for the 2016 Fun Meet is now available.  We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Registration for our summer day and kinder camps will begin on April 7th.
  • The Nova Scotia Provincial Championships for 2016 was held on April 1st to 3rd.  Thanks to everyone who participated this year!  The results are now available at NS Provincials 2016.

Summer Camp 2016

Registration for the Summer 2016 Day Camps and Kindercamps will start on April 7th, 2016. You will be able to sign up for classes through the parent portal.

Registration for Winter/Spring 2016

Registration for the Winter/Spring 2016 term begins December 1st for current members and December 12th for new members

Registration for Fall 2015

Registration for the 2015/16 Fall term starts on June 1st, starting at 9:00am online and in person. This will be first-come, first-serve!

Summer Camp 2015

Registration for summer camp starts at noon on April 20th, 2015.

Spring 2015 Registration

Registration for the Spring 2015 term will start on December 1st for existing members, December 12th for new members. Log into the parents portal to sign up before the classes are filled!